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"...The more that I come to better understand this show and the masterful film-making behind it, the more that I come to believe that it deserves continual attention, appreciation, and acclaim."


- The Weight of Cinema, Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Weight Of Cinema Analysis (Part 1/4) "The Delicacy of Character."

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- Updated User Experiance!

- Reformatted entire TLS website.

- Added "Temp" branding color

- Added new content and tabs

- New home page & menus

- New content

- Updated Forum

- Re-organized episodes & videos

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The Last Snag is a passion project by two young college students, Daniel Hansen and Marcel Patterson. 


Both of them are deeply obsessed with the Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra series. Like most of the global fan-base, when the live-action film came out they were disappointed with its lack of effort staying true to the series and its clear grab for money from the TV show's phenomenal reputation.

Currently, they are both working on becoming screenwriters to redeem" the live-action film adaption of both their's and everyone else's beloved childhood series.


Their plan to accomplish this includes YOU! This website is designed to be as interactive as possible with the global fan-base. By involving the fan-base, it provides the fans the chance to help influence a version of the film that they want to see. Thereby, when it comes time to pitch it to Holywood, it will be difficult to turn down an offer that shows such Boxoffice promise. 

To help us out, sign up as a member in the forum(it's free!) to be added to our list of supporters for this project. The more the fans are involved, the better the movie and the harder it will be for Hollywood to say no to us. 

Recent TLS Fan Art Contest Winners

August 2019 Competition

(see Fan Art page for submission rules & guidelines)

2nd place

Artist: Giulia Bokel

Title: Prince Zuko Portrait

Date: 2018

1st place

Artist: Migs Casas

Title:"Avatar TLA OC Commission - Kaida"

Date: July 11, 2019

3rd place

Artist: Mohammad Elgayar

Title: "Scarred"

Date of creation: March 29, 2018

TheLastSnag's Most Recent Blog Posts

New Features Coming soon

As new features are added to the website, this page will grow. For now, this will just be a list of features/pages we would like to make or are currently in the process of setting up. 

~ On its way ~

  • YouTube Channel

  • Staff Applications page

  • New TLS logo only Fan Art competition

~ Brainstorming Ideas ~

  • Quizzes section with quizzes ranging in difficulty about the TV show(s)/movie (easy, medium, official pro-level quiz[super hard] [needs crowdfunding to happen])

  • A way to donate/crowdfund to features of our website/project

  • ATLA and LOK merch store with exclusive TLS products as well

  • "Members Only" pages? (past newsletters, website growth reports, etc...?)