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Current Fan Art Competition

We are always looking for people to submit there incredible work to our website. Here's your chance to show off to your friends and other fans around the world who will appreciate your work! Go ahead, submit it and watch the hearts come in!

Submission Rules

* Be sure to read ALL of the rules and copyright release as you will be held accountable to what is written. If you have questions, feel free to email us from the "contact us" tab. 

Current Competition Title, information, and submissions below!

NEW TLS LOGO Competition!

We are currently looking for a new logo for our website! ideally the image would capture how epic and graceful both series are, both Aang and Korra in one picture. It  can be any character from either series. However, the logo can also be about just one series as well. 

Please make sure all submissions are designed to be logos and not pictures. If you have questions email us from the "contact us" page. 

Max File Size 25MB|JPEG,PNG

Max File Size 25MB|JPEG,PNG Supported