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Free Temporary Episodes

We want people who haven't seen the series get a sample episode or two to help promote the show. However, we DO NOT promote pirating. If you really enjoy the episode or you're a fan and love the show, promote it by going out and buying the DVD!!

: How this feature will work :

1) We will post a RANDOM episode up on our page either weekly, bi-weekly, or at random.

2) We will try to keep related episodes (for example Roku's temple part 1 and part 2) together but that may not always happen. 

Currently, we have a limited amount of storage so some episodes will be taken down at times. If you want us to post and keep more episodes online at one time, please consider donating to our website to help us pay to expand our video storage limit. ---> 

Just a final statement. Again, if you are already a fan and love the show or are new to the series and these samples have convinced you, help support this incredible work of art by going out and actually BUYING IT!! - Thank you, TLS(TheLastSnag)

Any Amount Helps!