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Fan Art

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A collection of Art made by fans... for fans!

Previous  winner

By: Migs Casa

Title: "Avatar TLA OC Commission - Kaida"

Date of Creation: July 11, 2019

Spot reserved for profile image of winner IF said winner is signed up as a TLS member in the forum. 

Recent TLS Fan Art Contest Winners

August 2019 Competition

(see Fan Art page for submission rules & guidelines)

2nd place

Artist: Giulia Bokel

Title: Prince Zuko Portrait

Date: 2018

1st place

Artist: Migs Casas

Title:"Avatar TLA OC Commission - Kaida"

Date: July 11, 2019

3rd place

Artist: Mohammad Elgayar

Title: "Scarred"

Date of creation: March 29, 2018

Master Fan Art Collection

A collection of fan art by fans... For fans!

Max File Size 25MB|JPEG,PNG
 3 winners are chosen based on how many likes their works receive from fans during the previous month(s). Click Here to see the copyright & Submission Guidelines.
: Prizes include :
1) art posted on the home page.
2) art featured on all of our other Social Media sites. 
3) Art featured in our email newsletter that goes out to all site members. 
4) Art Will be Featured at Top of Fan Art webpage. (1st place only)
5) If applicable to a blog post we are making, Art will be featured as the thumbnail for that blog post! (potential Prize)
6) Blog Post made about art submission. (1st place only) (potential Prize)
- To submit artwork for publication on our site, email us a .jpg.png, or a .gif to ... "TheLastsnag@gmail.com"
 - add the following -
1) name of the artist (which should be you),
2) Title of the artwork, and
3) The date it was created
(signing the artwork is encouraged but not required, as an extra security measure from being stolen material). Any emails without all 3 details (signature not required) will be considered stolen or disregarded per no proof of ownership.
Call To Action: Please also tell your friends and others about this website and competition. We need help to get it off the ground. Thanks. Flameo Hotman!!


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