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Let's face it, we are two college students trying to get a project off the ground and not some multi-million dollar business.


So are policy is this:


- We will collect your name and your email for those who want occasional updates on how the project is going, or changes made to the website.


- We might also send out emails occasionally asking you to help share the page with friends, family, and other fans to help keep the project and it's enthusiasm alive. If we think of any other project related reasons for sending out emails we state now that we reserve the right to still send emails for future reasons we may come up with. If you sign up, you consent to us emailing when we want to for said potential future reasons. 

- What we won't do is give out your information to any third party sites or any sites asking for your information, because we hate it when that happens to us as well!

- We wont try to Spam your email all the time. The idea is this (for now) is a long term project of 4-8 years. Which means our "updates" aren't normally going to be every week or every other day. There might be a few times where we have large events, announcements, or changes that are back to back but that should be rare for quite awhile. You can expect anywhere from 1-3 emails about every month or every other month. 

If this all sounds good to you, then hit that subscribe button and email us asking to add you to the supporters list right away!