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Reboot Q&A

Page currently under construction... (update 0.0.4 aka "appa" in progress)

We will occasionally be adding new polls for you to provide feedback on so be sure to revisit for new polls! Make sure you vote and comment on as many questions as possible to help us get better results! Comments are after all the polls and will have titles to their corresponding questions.


The answers you submit will be personally reviewed by Marcel and Daniel!


Also, check-in on our script and watch these ideas get implemented.

The Following polls need more votes and comments: 7, 6, and 4.

Poll 1 - Minor Characters comments

Poll 4 - Opening Scene  comments

Poll 6 - Princess Yue Vs. Sukki comments

Poll 2 - Movie Length comments

Poll 3 - Cliff hanger  comments

Poll 5 - APpa & Momo comments

Poll 7 - Easter Eggs! comments