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: Submission Guidelines :


1) No nudity or showing of private parts. (if it can't go in a kids book, then its not appropriate for the website.)

2) No stolen content, must be your own original work. (you can have posts already submitted to deviantart.com and other sites. However, if we  search those sites and find that you are not the original creator of the art piece and can't prove you own the work, you will autmotically be disqualified and the art work removed from our site.)


3) No sexually suggestive content. It should not imply anything sexual. Romantic is fine, sexual is not. If you think your submission might be sexually suggestive email us (at thelastsnag@gmail.com) and ask us describing the intention and description of the peice and we will decide. 

: Copyright Submission Consent Release Information :


 By submitting your material to us, you consent to share copyright ownership of the material with thelastsnag and all its pages. You also give thelastsnag consent to use the artwork on our website and its pages in any way we see fit in relation to our website and it's topics. Typcially this means posted to the fan art page and potentially used as a thumbnail or picture in a blog post but can also be used for other uses on the website. 
 (All this means: you still "own" the material but can no longer claim copyright against us and force us to remove your material from our webpages or dictate how we use it.)