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List of Supporting Fans

Below are individuals who believe in TheLastSnag's project and truly want to see it made into a movie or just love the who in general! They have:


1) Have shown loyalty to the project by signing up as a member of TheLastSnag's Forum and website.


2) They contacted us directly through our email on the "contact" page under the "more" tab and asked us to put them the list. 

3) Submitted a piece of Fan Art and also requested to be added as a supporter. 


If you want your name listed, just do one of those things.


Flameo Hotman!


We are constantly looking for more supporters to add to the list. more supporters tells Hollywood there's more of a demand for this project to succeed. 


If you love ATLA and think the idea of having Fans with experience in the making/writing films, please consider following one of the 2 steps above and becoming a supporter of the project.  

It is completely free, and there's no catch other than giving us your email address to send you occasional updates about the project or website. 

Rogue Angel Stoops

Johnathan Scott Nelson


Tegan Collins

Shi Fu

Devon May



Migs Casas (*new)

David Trapp